Getting Started

Want to know all things speedball? You're in the right place.

What's the point? ...And how to score it.

When first explaining speedball to people the first thing that comes to their mind for comparison is capture the flag. Which I guess the goal of the game basically is. Two opposing teams trying to get to the opposite side ‘capturing the flag’, but in speedball’s case it is pressing the big red button called a buzzer, and you got yourself a point... kinda (that’s if you’re not marked).

While trying to get to the big red button on the opposite side of the field there are hundreds of little paintballs flying across the field trying to eliminate opposing players. When a paintball breaks on you, you’re out (you’re marked). One hit and you’re done for the round.

With all those paintballs flying around you must wonder how the hell you can stay on the field for longer than a couple of seconds. Well that is where the bunkers come in. Bunkers are the big inflatables on the field

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